Special Visit Procedure / Requirements

1. Any area outside a 75 mile radius from Covington, Louisiana will be eligible for a special visit.

2. All special visit requests must be completed and submitted at least one business week prior to the requested date.

Visitor Requirements:

1. Special visits will only be granted between the hours of 3:30 PM and 4:15 PM on Wednesdays unless otherwise approved by the Warden or his designee.

2. Inmates are only allowed one (1) special visit per month – NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. Visitors must provide a valid driver’s license with correct address.

4. Visitors must provide the most recent utility bill with correct address.

5. Visitors may be asked to produce an airline ticket if the visitor is flying in for the visit or during the week of the visit.

6. Visitors will not be granted a special visit if they have already visited the inmate on their regular visit day during the same week.

7. All other visitation policies and procedures apply for special visits.

Visitation Dress Code

The following apparel is considered inappropriate and shall result in the denial of visits:

  • Clothing that is similar in appearance to the clothing worn by the facility’s offender population
  • Clothing that is similar in appearance to the clothing worn by correctional officers, (i.e. Blue B.D.U.’s/511’s, tan shirts, etc.)
  • Transparent clothing
  • Swimming suits
  • Skirts, shorts, skorts, culottes and dresses shorter that one inch above the knee cap or those with revealing slits
  • Strapless, tube and halter tops, tank tops and strapless dresses
  • Tops that expose the midriff
  • Blouses, shirts and dresses that are low cut
  • Spandex, Lycra or spandex-like athletic pants, aerobic/exercise tights or leotards
  • Exposed underwear
  • Clothing with revealing holes or tears one inch above the knee cap
  • Clothing or accessories with obscene or profane writing, images or pictures
  • Gang or club-related clothing or insignia indicative of gang affiliation
  • Hats or baseball caps

All visitors must wear shoes. House slippers and shower shoes are not allowed. Footwear must remain on feet at all times. These restrictions apply equally to men, women and children.


Non-Permissible Items List

The following items are not allowed to be brought into the facility during visitation:

  • Cell phones
  • Gaming devices
  • Electronic devices of any kind
  • Bags of any kind (this includes purses, diaper bags, bookbags, etc.)
  • Tobacco products
  • Lighters
  • Strollers
  • Hats
  • Food or drink from the outside
  • Weapons
  • Any other items deemed a possible security risk to the facility by the visitation staff

NOTE: All visitors are subject to search by correctional personnel at any time while on the premises.

Visitation Rules

1. Visitors must arrive and sign in 20 minutes prior to visit. Failure to do so will result in the visit being denied.

2. All visitors must check-out with the visitation officer when leaving the visitation area.

3. Visitors who leave the visitation area during their visit will not be allowed to re-enter the area and their visit will be considered forfeited.

4. Visits are restricted to two visitors.

5. Visitors will visit in equal increments. Visitation is allotted for 45 minutes. Examples are below:

     ◦ 1 visitor – 45 minutes

     ◦ 2 visitors – average 22 minutes each

6. Visitors 17 years of age or younger will be permitted to visit with an inmate if supervised by an accompanying adult.

7. All visitors 15 years or older must have picture identification in order to visit an inmate.

8. NO PARKING in front of the visit areas. When checking in, you must park in the parking lot.

9. All visitors will enter the building through the public entrance.

10. All visitors will leave the building through the public entrance.

11. All visitors will be required to show proof of their identity.

12. All visitors will be required to register with the visitation officer.

13. All visitors are required to leave their property in their car.

14. Any visitor who attempts to bring any item of contraband into the jail will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

15. Any visitor suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied visit.

16. Visitors will conduct themselves appropriately at all times during the visitation process.

17. If a visitor does not conduct themselves appropriately then the visitation officers will deny and or terminate the visit requested.

18. All visitors will leave the visiting area when told to do so by the supervising officer.

19. All access to the facility other than the visiting area is strictly prohibited.

20. Children must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian at all times on the premises.

21. It is the inmate’s responsibility to notify their family members of any changes in their visitation times and days.




All visitors must be arrive 20 minutes prior to their visit time to sign in, if late the visit will be denied.

It is the inmate’s responsibility to notify family members of any changes in their visitation times.