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The Court Enforcement Division’s primary mission is to provide a premier level of security for the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center, as well as maintaining a professional level of service related to the Sex Offender, Code Six and Detail programs.

This division includes a representative that is assigned as security to the Parish President. This individual also provided security to the Parish Council meetings, as well as any other special meetings that may occur. In addition, this individual acts as security to all parish facilities located on Koop Drive and ensures all employees’ safety.

The Court Enforcement Division is also charged with manning all Shelters and the Emergency Operation Center during all emergency situations.

Sex Offender Program

The Sex Offender Program personnel are primarily responsible for documenting and maintaining records on all sex offenders that reside within St. Tammany Parish. There are presently approximately 453 active registered sex offenders that reside throughout the parish. There are also an additional 30 registered offenders that work in the parish, but reside in other areas outside the parish. The state requires that all sex offenders that either live, work or attend school within the parish are registered. The program also maintains records on both sex offenders that have relocated from St. Tammany to other areas, as well as sex offenders that relocate to our area. The state requires that all sex offenders register with the agency where they will be residing within three days of their release from incarceration.

Code Six Program

The Code Six Program was established in an effort to “score” the inmates that are incarcerated within the facility to assist with jail overcrowding. This program is presently managed by one deputy. The inmates are evaluated under a scoring system which is designed to provide somewhat of a threat level to determine if they qualify for the release program.