Criminal Patrol Commander
Major Sammy O'Keefe


St. Tammany Parish is divided into three districts for purposes of criminal enforcement. Under the districting plan, more ranking and experienced deputies are available in each district per shift.

District commanders are able to set policies which affect the district while still maintaining the Sheriff's strategic vision for the parish. The majority of deputies work in the district in which they reside.  Greater responsibility has been given to supervisors on a district level, effectively de-centralizing the chain of command.

The Patrol Division of the Sheriff's Office consists of approximately 135 deputies working in Districts II, III and IV (there is no district “I").

These deputies provide around the clock service to citizens answering calls and responding to complaints. When not specifically assigned to a call, these deputies spend their time patrolling the community.

The deputies regularly patrol subdivisions and take time to visit with citizens. This allows for positive interaction between citizens and deputies and allows the deputy who works a certain area to hear concerns directly from the citizens who live in the area.

District 2 covers the east end of the parish, District 3 covers the west end, and District 4 encompasses the northern end of the parish.


District 2 covers from the Orleans Parish line north to Highway 21 in Bush, and from the Mississippi State line west to Transmitter Road/Tranquility Road in Lacombe.

District 2 Commander
Capt. Gordon Summerlin
Main line- 985-726-8000


District 3 covers from Lake Pontchartrain north to Harrison Avenue (Dogpound Road) and from Transmitter Road/Tranquility Road west to the Tangipahoa Parish line.

District 3 Commander
Capt. John Evans
Main line- 985-276-1300 


District 4 covers from Bush on Hwy 21 west to the Tangipahoa Parish line and from Harrison Avenue (Dogpound Road) north to the Washington Parish line. It also  includes the Town of Abita Springs, which does not have its own municipal police force.

District 4 Commander
Capt. Jason Prieto
Main line- 985-276-1490