To report a crime please call (985) 898-2338 or 911.


Capt. Brian Beech 

The Persons Crimes Unit is a specialized section within the Sheriff’s Office charged with the responsibility of investigating and following up on offenses committed against people within St. Tammany Parish. The investigators assigned to the Persons Crimes Unit are trained to handle a wide scope of investigations such as assaults, batteries, stalking, threats and domestic violence cases.  This division will also handle also cases involving reported missing persons and/or runaway juveniles.

The detectives assigned within the Persons Crimes Unit use all skills and resources available to them to successfully resolve their investigations. The cases handled by these investigators require an above average dedication to duty as the suspects need to be swiftly arrested while they coordinate safety and comfort for the victims. In addition, the detectives are continuously investigating multiple cases simultaneously and with that, have maintained an impressive solve rate along with consistent victim satisfaction.    

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office has zero tolerance for domestic abuse and family violence, and all violations of applicable laws and breaches of court orders are quickly addressed. All citizens are encouraged to assist in our fight against domestic abuse and are asked to report incidents accordingly.